Grind Pray Clothing was founded March 2015 in Petersburg, Va. The Grind Pray Brand came from an assignment given to Hal "Uriyah" Miles, an artist and music producer. 

At the time, Uriyah had been fired from his job and had his music equipment stole a few months prior. He was ready to give up on the music but then decided to write a song about where he was spiritually. The song that came about was called "Grind. Pray." Two weeks later, Uriyah woke up one morning and heard a voice say "Put Grind Pray on a shirt!" The brand is Uriyah's testimony never to give up on your dreams and what it takes to be successful. It’s to encourage the one who's been through the ups and downs and has been on the verge of quitting, but didn't. We support you, and we love you. 

Keep Grinding and Praying.